The solution to the challenge: C2E (Contribute2Earn)

DappRadar believes that its Contribute2Earn model is a crucial step towards building a stronger Web3 ecosystem. By allowing anyone to contribute to the platform, DappRadar is harnessing the power of community collaboration to create a comprehensive and accurate resource for users.

Code contributions, content creation, and curation are all important aspects of this model, and DappRadar plans to expand the Contribute2Earn model to include more layers of the platform in the future.

Participating in Web3 growth

In addition to incentivizing contributions, DappRadar is also investing in better developer tools and services to encourage developers to update their dapp pages with accurate smart contract information. The company is also applying automation, machine learning, and AI to improve its tools for data collection, with the goal of offering a complete and holistic overview of all data that is useful for end users.

DappRadar sees its role as not just a data aggregator, but as an active participant in the growth and development of the Web3 ecosystem. By building strong partnerships and embracing community contributions, DappRadar hopes to be a driving force in the continued evolution of the decentralized internet.

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