Boosting Power

Boosting Power is another key component of the DappRadar ecosystem, closely connected to the Staking feature. It serves as a product incentive for a wide range of users and entities, promoting greater engagement within the platform.

How to get Boosting Power?

By staking RADAR, users receive Boosting Power that they can assign to one or more dapps. Projects that then receive boosts gain increased visibility across the DappRadar platform, attracting more potential users.

Why Boosting Power is useful

By using Boosting Power, stakeholders such as VCs, marketing agencies, app publishers, communities, and individual users can enhance the exposure of their favorite projects. For example, there will be a dedicated rankings page which displays dapps sorted by the amount of Boosting Power assigned to them by participants. This creates a strong incentive for these participants to acquire and stake RADAR tokens to access and utilize Boosting Power.

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