The need for more data & curation

DappRadar is aware of the challenges it faces as the Web3 industry grows and is taking steps to adjust and scale up. The diversity of dapps and blockchain ecosystems means that a one-size-fits-all solution is not possible and collaborating with the right experts from each community is crucial.

DappRadar tracks 14,000 dapps across 50 blockchain ecosystems. We are actively updating smart contract information through manual and automated processes, but as the dapp industry grows, this can become a major challenge. That’s why it’s important that dapp developers also update their product pages with up-to-date smart contracts.

Demand for more and up-to-date data

Consistency of supplying and updating smart contracts, and the resource consuming process of integrating dapp data can become bottlenecks as Web3 grows across different product segments. The Contribute2Earn model is an interesting approach that encourages community participation, content curation, and incentivizes developers to keep their data up-to-date. DappRadar also leverages machine learning to improve its automated data collection and aggregation processes.

The World’s Dapp Store needs to scale up, and will do that through a strong Web3 ethos. DappRadar is committed to becoming the community-owned World's Dapp Store, built by millions and used by billions, and is taking the necessary steps to make that a reality.

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