What is the DAO?

The DappRadar DAO is the forum where all the various actors come together, to make proposals, discuss, and then vote on and execute decisions that affect the development of DappRadar products and business.

If you already own RADAR and want to shape the decentralized future, you can already start influencing the platform. It means token holders will be able to influence what’s going on inside DappRadar, why or how products are built in the first place.

Thanks to our DAO’s governance models, community members can discuss ideas on our Discord, turn them into proposals via the Forum, and take proposals to a vote and cast their vote in Snapshot. If accepted, the DappRadar team can start developing your new idea. This means anyone who holds RADAR can influence the direction of the DAO.

Since the launch of RADAR token on 14 December 2021, and with ten individual proposals, we've been slowly preparing ourselves to activate the DAO as a superpower to scale our operations.

What is the DAO?

The DAO, along with RADAR token, is used to align the interests, drivers and values of the different stakeholders in our community. It utilizes a decentralized governance framework that allows us to scale our operations in our mission of building the World’s Dapp Store. Decentralization means that the community drives and shapes the initiatives.

Why do we even need the DAO?

From spectators to players. Being part of the DAO gives you a voice in DappRadar’s development on the product, governance and operations level. Whether you are providing content, integrating dapps or platform curation, the DAO provides you the opportunity to transform from being a passive to an active community member.

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