PRO 2.0

DappRadar is developing many products, and some will tap into the RADAR economy directly, while others may impact it indirectly. In this Products section we will only cover elements of DappRadar that tap or will tap into RADAR.

DappRadar is a free platform and will remain as such. We want to allow everyone to discover and analyze the Web3 ecosystem. When it comes to more advanced features and services, this requires us to store terabytes of data, maintain blockchain nodes, and expand our analytics capabilities. Tracking more than 50 blockchains across all major product categories like Games, DeFi or NFT requires lots of resources, and we want to ensure that we’re always offering reliable and highest quality services. However, this comes with a cost and we will require the advanced users that are making use of all the capabilities offered by DappRadar to have a “stake” in DappRadar, literally.

Every member has a stake in the platform

Even if building and maintaining an extensive platform as DappRadar is an expensive endeavor, we are not going to ask users to actually pay a subscription fee in order for us to continue offering the best services. Instead of paying for PRO, users will need to lock their RADAR tokens to activate PRO features.

When DappRadar PRO was launched, anybody was able to activate PRO simply by holding a minimum amount of RADAR in their wallet. However, for PRO 2.0 the premium membership will be active only by staking and locking the required amount of RADAR tokens. Users need to stake tokens for a certain period of time, and there’s a cooldown period to unlock your tokens. During this staking period, not only will users get access to enhanced product features, but they will also receive an APR on their locked assets. This APR may be reviewed by the DAO and is therefore subject to change. Demand for PRO will indicate whether the services offered by the platform are good enough or not. PRO is going to allow us to direct high-quality contributions to the most important parts of the ecosystem and it will give us the stability to keep rewarding the contributors.

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