Why DappRadar DAO?

Web3 is growing rapidly. New marketplaces, DeFi platforms, games and NFT collections pop up every day, and each of them comes with their smart contracts and functionalities. As a centralized company it’s very difficult for DappRadar to scale its operations for the future of Web3, as that future will consist of hundreds if not thousands of different blockchains. These will then serve millions of dapps in various product categories, and for each of them different metrics are important.

By evolving DappRadar into a decentralized autonomous organization, we enable a much bigger community to participate in curating, flagging, creating and building the World’s Dapp Store, DappRadar. Participation is key, and a community of 100,000 people sees a lot more than just the team in the DappRadar office.

That’s why we are transitioning from a centralized entity into a DAO.

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