Activating the DAO Core

Within the DAO Core you will find the Core Contributors who are building, operating and managing the DappRadar platform day-to-day. The DAO Core would be closest to a traditional company, and members of the DAO Core will be categorized into different Workstreams.

Workstreams are the different departments of the DAO that execute the DAO’s day-to-day operations. The current Workstreams include for example Marketing, Product, and Finance.

These Workstreams create their own goals, metrics and budgets as proposals to the DAO. The members of the DAO, the users holding RADAR, will elect the Workstream members or new Workstreams through Council governance.

Currently, the Workstreams are not operational, but a DAO Operations framework will be released soon that will explain how the process will work in relation to the key performance indicators, reporting obligations, and how the DAO Core will come to fruition alongside the transition of the DappRadar team.

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