PRO Membership features

The PRO membership is aimed at people who really want to get more out of their activity in Web3. Similar to Amazon Prime, Spotify Premium or Twitter Blue, DappRadar PRO provides additional features to those users who wish to receive the full benefits of the platform.

Users need to stake or lock away 30,000 RADAR in order to access PRO features.

The casual DappRadar user can use the Rankings to discover dapps, they can create some alerts, use the Portfolio, or participate in airdrops and gamification. However, users who decide to upgrade to a PRO membership get access to all the same, and more.

For example:

  • Creating advanced alerts - Allowing users to create alerts based on on-chain data for their favorite dapps or product categories. They can receive these alerts through on-site notifications.

  • Exclusive quests - Quests are gamified tasks initiated by for example dapp developers to promote their dapp or introduce a new feature. PRO members get access to quests that offer bigger rewards.

  • PRO Airdrops - PRO members belong to an exclusive group of Web3 users, and being at the forefront also gives them access to exclusive giveaways, airdrops and other benefits.

  • Boosting Power - Based on the amount of tokens you locked, you will receive Boosting Power to promote your favorite dapps.

Simply put, the PRO Membership gives you more.

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