A Visionary Note from the CEO

Leadership Perspective on DappRadar

Bitcoin brought a peer-to-peer decentralized payment layer to life. Ethereum enabled programmable money. No middleman is needed anymore to transact between parties. Millions of early adopters are participating and building the decentralized ecosystem.

Due to counterparty and middleman risk, the traditional physical and digital world have adopted various forms of protection for participants (insurance, chargebacks). Blockchain itself has no counterparty and middleman risk. However, the application discovery and distribution layer imposes certain risks.

Transacting with a dishonest participant (fraudulent application) may result in loss of funds with no protection, insurance or chargeback available. Dapp discovery demands for a trustless curation mechanism eliminating dishonest participants from the ecosystem.

This whitepaper is an overview of the next step towards DappRadar's progressive decentralization of dapp discovery and distribution.

– Skirmantas JanuΕ‘kas, CEO of DappRadar

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