The DappRadar flywheel

DappRadar has achieved reaching 1 million users per month by building a self-reinforcing flywheel. The success of this flywheel is driven by community participation and contributions. Developers provide data, which DappRadar implements, attracting more users and developers providing data, driving further growth.

With the introduction of DappRadar DAO and RADAR, the flywheel is set to be supercharged. RADAR token holders and active community members become decision-makers, while external contributors and DappRadar build tools, integrate dapps, curate content and reports.

The vision is for DappRadar to become the community-owned World’s Dapp Store, built by millions and used by billions. The enhanced flywheel includes community contributions and curation, the RADAR token, and clear benefits for dapp developers and blockchain ecosystems looking to acquire users.

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