White label

Where the API requires development from the client’s side, DappRadar also offers white label charts and other tools. These white label products can easily be integrated into a website, simply by embedding the code.

Our white label product can help to increase exposure of products listed on DappRadar. These products expand the audience that dapps can reach. It’s the reinforcing flywheel that shows that dapp data from DappRadar is interesting for third-parties, bringing more eyeballs to data, which in turn will attract more dapps and ecosystems to participate in the DappRadar ecosystem.

Our white label products incentivize dapp developers to list their products on DappRadar, participating in building the World’s Dapp Store. While the data can be shown to new audiences. It’s a product that strongly supports our vision for the World’s Dapp Store, built by millions and used by billions.

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