Buyback Program

The Buyback program is a critical addition to the RADAR utilities, designed to support the token's market demand by reinvesting a portion of the revenue generated by the DappRadar business back into the RADAR token. One of the main reasons for implementing the Buyback program is that many of our partners and clients either cannot hold crypto on their balance sheets or are restricted from using crypto for payments or staking.

As a volume-driven business catering to the masses, DappRadar aims to make its products and features accessible to everyone, without limiting potential users or partners. Pricing everything in RADAR would be a restrictive factor for scaling the business, so the Buyback program provides an alternative solution to ensure broader accessibility.

The Buyback program will initially work by allocating a percentage of DappRadar's revenue from Quests to purchase RADAR tokens from the open market. These acquired tokens will then be sent to the DAO treasury. In the future, existing revenue streams such as advertising and integrations will gradually be considered for the Buyback program.

As the business grows and we gain experience in managing the Buyback program, it will be optimized and expanded to further benefit the RADAR token and the entire DappRadar ecosystem. By doing so, the Buyback program will contribute to the long-term sustainability and success of the project while providing value to the token holders.

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