The DappRadar API is a service powered by the immense amount of data gathered by DappRadar from all smart contracts across 50 blockchain ecosystems and by the thousands of dapp developers that are providing their dapp information. The API will enhance hundreds of thousands of other platforms with blockchain data, ranging from wallets to centralized exchanges, and from media platforms to app stores.

More distribution power for developers

As DappRadar adds more dapps and blockchain ecosystems, the data offered through the API gets richer. On-going development on the API will introduce new data end-points, opening up new opportunities for existing and potential API partners. At the time of writing various partners, including top wallets, discovery platforms and Web3 security services, use or test the DappRadar API for use cases such as discovery, user security, research and analytics.

This is enhancing the DappRadar distribution power, as all the projects listed on DappRadar along with all their information are accessible and distributed to millions of other potential users that are consuming this data through the partners’ integrations.

We are exploring different possibilities to further include RADAR into the API product. A potential buyback program for the revenue generated by the API is considered and it is subject to specific thresholds and progressive decentralization of our operations.

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