Plug into our DAO Community

Within the DappRadar ecosystem we identify various actors, ranging from users to contributors, and from dapp developers to partners. It’s important to keep in mind that some participants with individual motives may engage in activities for personal gain.

DAO Community is the group of different stakeholders that are part of the DappRadar ecosystem. This is a dynamic categorization that will develop with the Vision and Mission of our platform.

What’s important here, is the notion that we are transitioning away from an audience-based approach, and instead focus on a community-led approach. Community is the way of Web3, and with the RADAR token and various incentives we align our community through our governance process.

Even though our current focus is scaling the number of Developers and Users that are part of the ecosystem, the DAO Community has a wide range of stakeholders including team members, dapp developers, but also partners that use the API, or investors that step long term into the DAO.

Every voice is important, but when there are 100,000 it will be difficult to make every voice heard. That’s why we’re shaping up our DAO to include Ambassadors and various forms of Metagovernance, where smaller groups become responsible for certain aspects of development, marketing or other activities.

Become a DAO member

Individuals in the DAO Community can decide to become DAO Members and will be in charge of the laws of the land in regard to Dapp Management and the overall governance of DappRadar. From naming conventions, the methodology behind calculating metrics and electing Workstream Members — DAO Members hold a significant role. These decisions will be made through voting on proposals.

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