The DappRadar Solution

DappRadar is carving out a decentralized dapp market as an alternative to monopolistic app stores. As a pioneering user acquisition platform, we have become the foremost dapp distribution platform, directing over 10 million users to dapps since our inception in 2018. Our API has facilitated successful partnerships with web browsers like Opera and wallet providers like OKX, extending our dapp data to users worldwide. DappRadar’s data is also integrated into the Samsung Blockchain Wallet and CryptoPotato’s DeFi and NFT section, providing enriched insights to global partners via our API.

RADAR to enable community

The introduction of the RADAR token enables us to introduce diverse systems and services that serve the wider Web3 community. With the aid of community contributions and the RADAR token, dapp developers and Web3 users can influence the development, curation, and organization of the World’s Dapp Store. Communities can collaborate to showcase the best features of their dapp, ecosystem or blockchain. Our DAO members can propose new features and offer suggestions to grow DappRadar, fostering a culture of openness and growth. Rather than building a wall, we seek to establish deep roots.

Key industry metrics

The center of DappRadar is its Rankings, which showcase the most popular dapps in various categories and blockchain ecosystems. This concept was the foundation of DappRadar, created by CEO Skirmantas Januskas & CSO Dragos Dunica, to offer a tool that was missing from the market.

DappRadar values Unique Active Wallets (UAW) as a crucial metric in the dapp industry. With our products, users can explore new dapps daily, while gaining insights into the market value of certain assets or market activity.

Using on-chain data, users can make informed decisions based on DappRadar's reliable data points. Trading volume can indicate a healthy economy in a gaming environment, while increased floor prices and a less liquid market can signal demand for an NFT. Data creates an equal opportunity for users and dapp developers, which is different from traditional app stores where gatekeepers control the discovery process.

Dapp discovery & user acquisition

DappRadar has integrated discovery features from traditional app stores into the crypto space, along with dapp-specific metrics like daily active wallets, transaction volumes, and floor pricing. Users can now discover new dapps through on-chain data and useful metrics instead of scrolling through social media. Dapp developers can list their dapps without restrictions, while the community can add and curate dapps to filter out scams and manipulated data. Close to 1 million users per month can discover these dapps through various channels on DappRadar's platform, and the metrics pioneered by DappRadar have become industry standards.

Dapp developers aim to perform well on DappRadar Rankings, a key goal due to the platform's scale, comprehensiveness, and reputation. The platform filters out fake and irrelevant activity and provides actionable market intelligence, attracting interest and building credibility for dapps. In return, dapp developers can acquire crypto-savvy users and drive more traffic to their dapps.

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