PRO Membership

DappRadar PRO provides an extensive array of advanced features and benefits for those who seek a deeper involvement in Web3 and the dapp space. By making use of the previously mentioned Staking feature, DappRadar PRO encourages users to stake a certain amount of RADAR tokens to gain access to its premium offerings.

As we continuously develop and enhance the platform, DappRadar PRO becomes increasingly valuable, resulting in stronger incentives for users to stake their RADAR tokens. This increased staking activity contributes positively to the circulating supply, further strengthening the token economy and the overall importance of the RADAR token within the DappRadar ecosystem. Read more about PRO in the section about PRO 2.0.

Why staking and not paying for PRO?

People who pay for a membership don't build the same type of relationship as people who stake and hold RADAR for the long term. DappRadar DAO isn't looking at a quick buck, but wants to create a community of Web3 enthusiasts that see value in what we're building.

We price PRO through Staking, because we want people to buy and own RADAR. This makes them part of DappRadar, and this will eventually lead to a community of people who are interested in the platform. RADAR will then be distributed among those who are deep into Web3, which is a powerful message to ties in strongly with our vision: The World's Dapp Store, built by millions, used by billions.

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