DappRadar is introducing gamification to its platform, meaning that users will now have individual profiles and a leveling system based on experience (XP) points. This global element will be present across the entire DappRadar ecosystem and will also be connected to the blockchain.

What will gamification do?

Gamification will allow users, contributors and developers to develop a reputation or an identity, both on-chain and off-chain. Users will be able to level up their account by completing quests, contributing to the platform and being active within the ecosystem. Leveling up your account will happen through experience points.

The leveling system grants users access to particular events, quests, or products, reflecting each user's engagement level. Leaderboards will showcase the most active users, and Seasons with unique goals and parameters, such as level caps or specific achievements, will be introduced.

Users can develop their identity and reputation within specific areas of interest, think about gaming, NFTs or DeFi. Users can then earn additional achievement and increased engagement scores within that area. Based on the user level, new features can be unlocked.

Introducing a soft-currency

Finally, a soft currency will be introduced for off-chain rewards. Since directly rewarding users with RADAR may not be feasible, and not every small action deserves a RADAR reward, this soft currency will be used exclusively within the DappRadar platform.

Users can redeem the soft currency in the Rewards Center for various rewards, such as early access to games or other dapps, exclusive event access, in-game items from partners, NFTs, and many other potential rewards. There's no direct conversion between RADAR and the forementioned soft currency.

Incorporating gamification across various features and products, both existing and upcoming, will create a more engaging and dynamic experience for users. In addition, contributions and curation will also tap into these gamification mechanics, allowing contributors to build a reputation as experts in their specific areas.

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