DAO Processes and Proposals

DappRadar itself is already a remote company, and with the transition from regular company into a DAO, more things will require proper processes. That’s why we will embrace DAO Processes and Forum Proposals as a democratic and transparent decision-making process that ensures that decisions are made with the DAO’s purpose and goals in mind. Above all, the DAO should remain accountable to its members.

DAO Proposals can be created by anybody through discussion and collaboration on our Discord channel. Here community members can work together, and once a proposal has been formulated it will go up on the Forum. Here the proposal needs to gain enough traction in order for the Proposal to transition to an actual vote on Snapshot.

Right now we mentioned Discord, Forum and Snapshot as parts of our governance process. Some of these processes might change over time according to new developments in DAO management tools or needs from within the community.

Not everything can be a DAO proposal

DAO Governance Proposals should not be required for the smallest of changes. But community members with a good idea will need to go through the process if their proposal is about for example:

  • Onboarding a new blockchain protocol into our community

  • Introducing a new metric

  • Amending existing metric measurement systems

  • Deploying a token on a blockchain (i.e. RADAR or an NFT)

  • Suggesting a product initiative

  • Suggesting a community initiative

  • Suggesting an Operations Initiative (Workstreams, Teams and Budgets)

  • Suggesting an Governance Initiative

  • Suggesting a Treasury Initiative

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