Premium for dapp developers

DappRadar allows every dapp developer to list their dapp for free and find an audience. However, DappRadar is also working on introducing a suite of premium features and services. These paid features are meant for dapp developers who want to leverage the DappRadar ecosystem and community to attract more users to their projects and grow their businesses.

These upcoming premium features and services cater to developers interested in providing greater transparency to their community, increasing community engagement, and enhancing their visibility on DappRadar.

Power of community

A unique aspect of this offering is that community members can contribute to activating premium services for a dapp. As we operate in a decentralized industry, we aim to empower communities to support the projects they believe in by providing them with advanced features. The concept is inspired by "Discord Nitro," which functions similarly in the Discord platform. A dapp developer can buy these features, or a community can band together to unlock them.

Dapp developers who opt for premium services gain access to additional benefits such as customized metrics for their projects, extra tabs and sources of information, a monthly RADAR token allocation for creating a couple of quests, priority support, faster review times, and more upcoming features.

Benefit to RADAR ecosystem

The revenue generated by the monthly subscription will be used not only to fuel the growth of these businesses but also to continuously improve and expand the range of services we offer. Furthermore, a portion of these revenues will be allocated to the Buyback program, reinforcing the RADAR token's market demand and overall ecosystem.

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