One of the first new products that will tap into our gamification system, will be Quests (name not final). Quests will allow dapp developers to attract and acquire users, while turning them into fans. At the same time, users can build their reputation, level up their account and earn rewards for completing the quests. Above all, Quests will allow users to discover new dapps, and therefore fits perfectly with the DappRadar platform.

Finding Quest for you

Users will have the opportunity to find the most rewarding quests, filter by their interests, such as specific categories or chains and participate in quests if theyโ€™re meeting the eligibility criteria. While dapp developers can tap into the the use of on-chain and off-chain actions, making the quests diverse and interesting.

When a quest has been published, users will have the opportunity to find the most rewarding quests, filter by for example category and blockchain. Every developer can create a quest, but those who pay for advanced features will be able to target their quests better at a certain audience. Some quests may require a certain user level, while others could require a DappRadar PRO membership.

For example, someone can create a quest targeting:

  • Only users that have played games A, B and C

  • Only allow users that have made at least 10 token swaps on a certain blockchain

  • Or only allow users that have a level 10 profile and own at least 1 NFT

DappRadar already has all the data, giving us a wealth of information to create quests around. Targeting the quests comes with clear benefits, as dapps will be able to attract higher value users.

Benefit to RADAR ecosystem

A percentage of the revenue from Quests will be used to buy back RADAR tokens from the market. The height of this percentage is subject to change and defined by the DAO. This means that quest creators can attract high quality participants, while stabilizing the selling pressure of the RADAR token by reducing the circulating supply in the market. Whatโ€™s more, of course the Quests can also be used by DappRadar DAO, for example to boost engagement, educate users and encourage governance votes.

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