Boosting Power explained

Boosting Power gives every PRO member the possiblity to support or promote a dapp. However, there's more to it. Dapps that are at the top of the Rankings have a lot more visibility then those who are in the 20th or 50th spot. Boosting clearly comes with marketing benefits.

This means that every participant in the Web3 ecosystem can use their RADAR tokens to become PRO, and then use their Boosting Power to promote a dapp.

  • Dapp developers can promote their own dapps

  • Communities and DAOs can support their own dapps, or those of their partners

  • Investors and VCs can use their RADAR holdings to systematically apply their Boosting Power where required

  • Any entity with lots of RADAR tokens could potentially charge a third-party for boosting a dapp, which would mean that Boosting Power could enable a renting or gig economy.

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