The narrative

DappRadar's transition to a true Web3 platform will allow for more active engagement and ownership from users and developers. With full ownership over their digital assets and the ability to make collective decisions through DAOs, the community will have a greater voice in shaping the platform. By leveraging the power of the community through the RADAR token and gamification, DappRadar aims to create a tightly knit community where members can earn rewards, contribute, and connect with each other. Through this approach, DappRadar can adapt and evolve alongside market trends, while ensuring that the community leads the way.

As a Web3 platform, ownership of the individual and ownership of the collective are key components. In Web3 users have full ownership over their digital assets, allowing them to sell, trade or use as they please. The same can be said for ownership of the collective, as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) allow entire communities to make decisions over digital assets, products, activities and so on.

Through Web3, developers and users will be better involved in DappRadar. DappRadar DAO and the platform will welcome every dapp and ecosystem, evolving, adjusting and adapting as market trends shift. With the community contributing, curating and leading, DappRadar does not serve as a gatekeeper. Instead it’s the people who will have a say.

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