Moving towards DappRadar 2.0

DappRadar launched its RADAR token on 14 December 2021, and one year later the industry has evolved and grown. DeFi is seeing more use cases and it is becoming the underlying layer for multiple verticals, gaming has become the leading product category and Web3-powered social media is making a push. At the same time governments are regulating crypto, and institutions embrace blockchain technology. With all these new developments in mind, we’ve fine tuned our vision for the future of DappRadar, PRO and its tokenomics.

That’s why we are introducing DappRadar 2.0. A new vision for how the platform, its services, the PRO membership and the RADAR tokenomics all align to make DappRadar the World’s Dapp Store.

At the moment each of those pillars requires an upgrade, and they all connect with each other.

  • Tokenomics - the RADAR token implementation into the platform and the business has not yet been finalized. We have identified more initiatives and features to increase demand, and deeply integrate RADAR into the DappRadar organization and platform.

  • PRO membership - requires a different qualification criteria in line with the objectives of the DAO, while offering more features and having a positive impact on the RADAR tokenomics.

  • DappRadar DAO - behind closed doors DappRadar has worked hard to put a legal structure in place for the DappRadar DAO. Now, its next steps will be to communicate with and organize the community.

Each of these are pillars for the future of DappRadar. DappRadar will keep delivering new products, while improving existing ones. Progressive decentralization is key here, as not all elements from the business and the product can be taken over by the DAO immediately. Combined, these updated versions of the RADAR tokenomics, the PRO membership and the DappRadar DAO will be labeled DappRadar 2.0.

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