Contribution and curation

Contribution and curation are at the heart of DappRadar's vision and will play a significant role in the platform's ongoing development. From a product perspective, we have already begun open sourcing various aspects, such as NFT Marketplaces integrations and the DeFi section. This allows anyone to integrate marketplaces or DeFi protocols and display relevant data, such as trading volume and Total Value Locked (TVL).

Variety of skills required

As we continue to open source parts of our product, we aim to build a vibrant contributors community that provides value to the ecosystem through their knowledge and time. Code contributions will be a vital aspect of platform development moving forward. However, code is not the only way community members can contribute. Our roadmap includes plans to expand user contribution capabilities, such as content creation, reviews, guides, and feedback.

Curation will be instrumental in determining which dapps are listed on DappRadar, moderating user-generated content, and signalling popular and important projects. It will also play a major role in maintaining a safe and scam-free platform and it will help to create a trusted environment where Web3 discovery is a pleasant and stress-free experience.

How contributions connect to gamification

Gamification will underpin the entire contribution and curation process, allowing contributors to gain visibility and recognition through leaderboards or other acknowledgments within the product. This approach will benefit all stakeholders in the DappRadar ecosystem.

Every user in the DappRadar community will become able to contribute to the platform. This will be done through smaller and bigger types of activities. A small contribution would be flagging a scam project or adding a user rating, while bigger contributions involve code integrations.

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