Why the DappRadar dapp store?

As blockchain technology and Web3 gain wider adoption beyond crypto and tech-savvy audiences, discovering decentralized applications based on performance-driven metrics becomes increasingly difficult. That's where DappRadar comes in, helping users make informed decisions about blockchain-based gaming, NFTs, DeFi services, and metaverse collectibles. Our data-driven approach empowers users to find the blockchain applications they want while enabling dapp developers to attract the users they need to grow their business.

Unique blockchain metrics

Established in 2018, DappRadar is the world's leading decentralized application (dapp) store, serving everyone worldwide and powered by the RADAR token. Our platform tracks 14,000 dapps across 50 blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Flow, and Cardano.

At DappRadar, we are pioneers in tracking Unique Active Wallets (UAW), which refers to the number of wallets interacting with smart contracts. Our platform also utilizes machine learning to provide clean data and accurate price estimations.

We owe our platform's growth to our community of developers, ecosystem partners, and visitors who value our data. In December 2021, we launched the RADAR token and embarked on a mission to become the world's leading dapp store.

Our vision

Our vision at DappRadar is to create a community-owned dapp store, built by millions and used by billions. With the support of our users, enthusiasts, developers, and investors, we will continue to grow our platform, centered around the RADAR token. RADAR serves as a reward for contributions, grants PRO membership access, provides various user acquisition tools for developers, and much more. Additionally, RADAR gives token holders a vote in the DappRadar DAO, enabling them to shape the future of the world's leading dapp store.

DappRadar DAO is at the heart of our long-term vision, where people curate, contribute, vote, discuss, and propose ideas. As we move towards progressive decentralization, the future of DappRadar lies with the DAO, driven by the needs of its members, from partners and developers to experienced users and newcomers to the world of dapps.

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