DappRadar stats

14,000 dapps listed

The number of decentralized applications and their respective smart contracts submitted by the community and tracked by DappRadar continues to rise, from less than 2,000 in 2018 to 14,000 right now.

300,000+ smart contracts tracked

The 14,000 dapps listed on DappRadar require the platform to track over 300,000 smart contracts

50 blockchains integrated

DappRadar tracked Ethereum, Tron and EOS in its debut year. But now users can find dapps across 50 different blockchains.

1 million Users discover dapps

As dapp data became a crucial part of the user journey for the average Web3 user, DappRadarโ€™s monthly user base has grown 20x since 2018.

64 Full-time contributors

In 2018 DappRadar started with three employees, and now the organization has the backing of 64 passionate specialists.

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