Introducing RADAR

Tokenomics is a term used to describe the economic model for a tokenized economy. In the case of DappRadar, it’s the RADAR token that forms the foundation of the DappRadar DAO and the services offered through DappRadar for developers, users and other parties.

The RADAR token serves as the foundation for the DappRadar ecosystem, acting as a utility and governance token that empowers its key players, such as users, contributors, and dapp developers. However, the token's influence extends beyond these core stakeholders. In collaboration with tokenomics and DAO experts, we have updated and refined the tokenomics to better align with our product vision and to further strengthen the RADAR token's importance within the ecosystem.

RADAR Overview

RADAR is the utility and governance token of the DappRadar ecosystem. RADAR empowers developers, partners, publishers, and users alike. The token launched on the Ethereum blockchain, and later arrived on BNB Chain thanks to our ground-breaking cross-chain staking initiative, with a plan to expand to other chains.

Total supply - 10,000,000,000 RADAR (no option to mint more tokens) Token standard - ERC-20 Token contracts ETH - 0x44709a920fccf795fbc57baa433cc3dd53c44dbe BNB - 0x489580eB70a50515296eF31E8179fF3e77E24965 Polygon - 0xdcb72ae4d5dc6ae274461d57e65db8d50d0a33ad

Audit by Omniscia

RADAR Distribution

10% allocated for the initial airdrop ~3.1% claimed by March 2023, following a community vote the remaining 6.9% was used as rewards for liquidity provision and RADAR staking.

25.25% to DappRadar team and shareholders These tokens are subject to a vesting schedule which starts unlocking for shareholders and team members in June 2023. The linear token unlock ends in December 2025.

24.75% to DappRadar DAO Treasury The DAO uses the treasury for example to fund platform development, operational costs, marketing and partnerships, investments, fundraising and liquidity provision.

40% to Community These are the Quest rewards, Staking rewards and bounties that community members and contributors can earn.

RADAR Unlock Schedule

Demonstrating our long-term dedication to the DappRadar ecosystem, we have collectively decided in December 2022 to postpone the RADAR unlock for our team members and shareholders by half a year. Learn more about our commitment here.

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