Whitepaper 2.0

DappRadar: Building the World's Dapp Store. Together.

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Why DappRadar?

DappRadar is the World’s Dapp Store, helping users discover thousands of blockchain applications through understandable data-driven metrics, and supporting developers in finding their audience.

The more insightful and understandable data DappRadar offers, the more users it attracts. And when DappRadar attracts users, dapp developers are incentivized to add and maintain their smart contracts.


  • attracts almost 1 million users per month

  • tracks 14,000 dapps, and more added daily

  • has integrated 50 blockchains

  • supports every product vertical

Scaling the World’s Dapp Store

In order to scale, DappRadar introduced RADAR. This native token serves as a utility and governance token. It unlocks the PRO membership, serves as a contribution incentive, and gives a voice in building the future of the World’s Dapp Store.

Incentivized by RADAR, our community of users and dapp developers create, add, and curate the platform and its content. Third-parties can then tap into the DappRadar API to empower their own platform with clean, curated and accurate blockchain data.

Building together in Web3

Those who participate in building DappRadar, will build a provable reputation. They will get to tap into quests, contributions, and curation, while leveling up their profile and unlocking more possibilities within Web3.

DappRadar and DappRadar DAO are working on progressive decentralization, giving a bigger voice to the community over time.

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